Picking apart JavaScript import syntax

17 April 2019

Let's talk about importing dependencies into your node projects. As your work gets more complex, you will inevitably come across many ways to import a library - it can get confusing quickly.

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Solve* all your problems with Promise.allSettled()

12 April 2019

This was inspired by a talk from Wes Bos at JAMstack_conf_nyc. Thanks for the tip, Wes!

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I reclaimed 10GB of disk space from node_modules

02 April 2019

I finally got fed up with running out of disk space on my laptop.

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Egg sticker update: We raised $176 NZD!

28 March 2019

Thanks to you all, we made a solid donation to benefit victims of the NZ mosque shooting. Thank you from the depths of my heart. ❤️

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Deconfusing JavaScript Destructuring Syntax

26 March 2019

I thought I had a firm grip on destructuring objects in es6... and then working with Gatsby turned it all on its head

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Quick tip: Here's how to uninstall Postgres from your Mac

20 March 2019

You may never need this, and Postgres is plenty good. But if you do need it - maybe this will save you time?

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Egg them all

19 March 2019

Get yourself some of these eggtastic stickers - 100% of proceeds go to charity!

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5 Chrome extensions I use for productivity

13 March 2019

The Chrome Web Store is absolutely loaded with plugins, themes, and extensions. I use them to be more secure, productive, and connected.

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My favorite design problem

28 February 2019

Fancy microphones marketed to podcasters are beautiful devices - but their most important function isn't intuitive at all.

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Embracing Prettier

25 February 2019

VSCode's format-on-save function was parsing my jsx React components like normal JavaScript. Maddening - yes, but the fix was simple.

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It was time.

24 February 2019

I've got some strong opinions on things - I hope that's okay.

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